Angeline Amombo Mveng

Name: Angeline Amombo Mveng
University: University of the Witwatersrand
Areas of interest: Traumatic stress, psychopathology, and psychosocial research

Angeline is a Psychology Honours graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand. She is pursuing clinical psychology as her field of interest in the hopes of contributing to the improvement of the mental health care system in South Africa. She seeks to develop a broader understanding of psychotic disorders, in particular, to potentially better their psychological treatment and the outcome for such patients.

During university, Angeline passed with multiple first-class certificates and became a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society as a result of her consistent academic excellence. She has also completed Grade 3 certificate in Practical Guitar Musicianship through The University of South Africa. She has worked as a music leader at the African Dream Family Church, as well as a volunteer for the Headway Clinic (Brain Injury Association), both of which are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Future plans: “I want to develop and conduct research that contributes to the development of psychological interventions which would be suited to the needs and schemas of South African cultures and people. Fortunately, I will be starting a Masters degree in the field of Psychology by Coursework and Research Report at the University of Witwatersrand in 2021!”

Carys Bailey

Name: Carys Bailey
University: University of Cape Town
Areas of interest: Traumatic stress and adolescent support

Carys Bailey is a Psychology Honours graduate from the University of Cape Town, where she obtained her Honours degree with distinction and made the Dean’s List. She is passionate about living life to the fullest, part of which involves serving others, and has pursued a career in the field of psychology to do this. In line with this, she has also held several serving roles outside of her studies, including tutoring, running for charities and volunteering at an initiative for feeding people who are without homes. Carys wishes to build a career that is fuelled by continuous learning; focused on people and that will contribute to improving the life of at least one South African by making mental healthcare more accessible and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness in South Africa.

Future plans: “At this moment, I can’t really say, but I would like to be able to continue contributing positively to the world.”

Chloe Meyer

Name: Chloe Meyer
University: University of the Western Cape
Areas of interest: Stress, development of coping mechanisms, perceived social support of students as well as the intersection of education and psychology

Chloe Meyer is a Psychology Honours graduate from the University of the Western Cape (UWC), where she graduated cum laude. Although her interest in psychology has been longstanding, it was deepened by her wish to provide for the youth a space for counsel which she identified as a shortcoming. She hopes to provide a meaningful service to the field and aid in addressing the immense need for psychological intervention in South Africa.

She has served as a mentor for the UWC’s Centre for Student Support Services Peer Mentoring Program where she served as a mentor for first year students, facilitating their transition and adjustment to tertiary education. Additionally, she tutored for the UWC’s Department of Psychology where she played a role in educating, developing young minds and guiding young students in their studies.

Future plans: “I will be studying towards a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of the Western Cape in 2021. Eventually, I would like to also obtain a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology! I hope to further serve my community with my growing repertoire of skills and knowledge.”

Leanne Schooling

Name: Leanne Schooling
University: Stellenbosch University
Areas of interest: Women and Mental Health, mood disorders and the neurobiology of psychological trauma and mood disorders

Leanne studied full-time at Stellenbosch University where she completed a Bachelor of Science (Human Life Sciences), developed a particular passion for the field of psychology and, as a result, went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Honours (obtained cum laude) in Psychology. During the five years she spent studying at Stellenbosch University, Leanne was recognised for academic excellence and invited to become a member of Golden Key International Honours Society.

Leanne has also served as a member of Maties PAW Society and acted as a group facilitator for a community-based volunteer programme focused on providing psychoeducation and support to adolescents in disadvantaged communities. She welcomes any opportunity to utilise and expand on what she has learned through past professional and volunteer experiences to help promote public awareness and understanding of mental well-being and improve access to mental health resources across South Africa.

Future plans: “I aspire to complete a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in South Africa and ultimately work with young adults, but for now I plan on exploring other personal and professional ventures. I hope to gather knowledge and good memories along the way!”

Luan Blauuw

Name: Luan Blauuw
University: University of South Africa
Areas of interest: Substance use disorder, psychological trauma, mindfulness, depression and related disorders and anxiety disorders.

Luan graduated with an Honour’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa in 2018. A major influence in his decision to pursue a career in psychology, was being confronted by the failings of the current system of treating substance use disorder. Seeing people who suffer from this disorder being stigmatise, persecuted and treated without the needed compassion, inspired Luan to work toward becoming a provider as well as an advocate for compassionate, effective and destigmatised treatment.

After Luan obtained his honours degree, he worked as a junior counsellor at Inner Peace Rehabilitation Centre in the Northern Cape province. Whilst working with a diverse group of patients, he realised that there is a profound comorbidity and overlap of psychological trauma and substance use disorder This filled him with a newfound interest in psychological trauma, how it relates to substance use disorder and the implications for treatment of both these disorders in tandem.

Future plans: “I would like obtain enough practical experience in the field of psychology and obtain my Master’s degree in Counselling psychology. However, my primary goal is to open and run a substance use disorder treatment facility with a focus on holistic treatment and investigating the root causes of substance abuse (i.e. trauma and other mental disorders). By doing this I hope to create a safe community where people suffering from substance disorders can get the compassionate treatment they need and rebuild their lives.”

Melissa Gouws

Name: Melissa Gouws
University: University of Cape Town
Areas of interest: Childhood and adolescent psychopathology, trauma, personality disorders, child development and learning disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

Melissa Gouws is a psychology student, who graduated with her Honour’s in Psychology from the University of Cape Town in 2018. During her studies at UCT, she was recognized for her excellent academic achievements and was awarded with the Dean’s Merit List throughout her entire undergraduate degree. Additionally, she was invited as a member on the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Melissa is passionate about volunteering and working with local communities. Her extensive volunteer work has deepened her character and connection to individuals which continues to build her compassion towards others. She would like to continue her volunteer work by promoting and educating others on the importance of seeking help in order to destigmatize mental illness and health. Melissa is fervent in her dedication to creating a safe and empowering spaces, that allows individuals to attend to their psychological demands and be aware of their mental health, so that more people can prioritize their well-being.

Future plans: “I am planning to move to the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2021 in order to pursue my studies and obtain a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I hope to work as a clinical psychologist with children and adolescents. My dream one day is to return and open up an NPO in South Africa, that aims to educate and create mental health awareness, as well as make mental health services more accessible to the public.”

Shama Ranchhod

Name: Shama Ranchhod
University: Stellenbosch University
Areas of interest: Child, adolescent and young adult mental health and support

Shama Ranchhod is a Psychology Honours graduate from Stellenbosch University, where both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees were completed. She chose to complete a BSc in Human Life Sciences with Psychology as an undergraduate degree, and majored in Psychology, Physiology and Genetics.

Throughout her student career, Shama has held different volunteer positions. She was a tutor at a remedial education center, where she assisted children, ages 6-9, with handwriting, fine motor skills, letter formation and neatness. She also volunteered in community projects offered at Stellenbosch University, one of which allowed her to facilitate workshops and collect data for research. These workshops were aimed at assisting Grade 9 learners with their subject choices. Her participation in these projects has reinforced her passion for working with children and highlighted the need for interventions that are aimed at improving the well-being of children.

She values the importance of openness, honesty and integrity and its impact on building healthy relationships. She is looking forward to adding value to the TraumaClinic team and the students she will be working with.

Future plans: “My plan is to complete a PGCE in 2021 with the goal of pursuing a career in Educational Psychology thereafter.”

Tara Duarte

Name: Tara Duarte
University: South Africa College of Applied Psychology
Areas of interest: Youth support with a focus on anxiety, depression, stress and burnout

Tara completed her undergraduate BA Law degree at Stellenbosch University, where she majored in Psychology. She would then go onto obtain an Honours degree in Psychology from the South African College of Applied Psychology in Cape Town where she had the privilege of being taught by professionals in both research and clinical psychology, bringing the profession to life within the learning environment.

She has volunteered at Kylemore Clinic where she was responsible for administering demographic forms and Beck Depression Inventory questionnaires to clients in the waiting room who later had the opportunity to receive affordable counselling services. Tara has also facilitated and co-facilitated a psycho-social rehabilitation group at Haven Night Shelter in Kraaifontein for Cape Mental Health known as the ‘Rainbow Foundation’. Here Tara planned and implemented group work with people afflicted with psycho-social disabilities and assisted clients with the management of various conditions through teaching skills in four life areas, namely work, learning, living and social in order to prevent future hospitalisation or relapse. She also assisted at the Cape Town International Kite Festival which generates funds and raises awareness of mental wellness during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Tara has always been passionate about pursuing a career within the mental health field and is particularly motivated by the wish to assist those who do not have access to adequate mental health care services.

Future plans: “I would like to continue to work in the mental health sector and eventually register as a specialist wellness counsellor as to provide telephonic counselling at an affordable rate and to make such resources more accessible. I would like to become a Counselling Psychologist, whereby I hope to contribute to the early intervention and prevention of psychosocial disabilities within South African communities.”

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