Psychological trauma has been studied in depth and effective treatments have been developed – at least in the Western world.

However, the psychological trauma that under-resourced communities are exposed to has not received significant attention. In fact, we know very little about the effect of continuous and repetitive trauma, even less about how to deal with it.

At TraumaClinic we have gained some experience in dealing with continuous trauma. Over the past 10 years we have been placing Psychology interns in under-resourced secondary schools in Cape Town to provide support to learners. We have learnt that the standard methods of treating Psychotrauma have little impact, but that support, more specifically support from the peer group, teachers and families, can disrupt the effect of repeated trauma exposure.

Our interns provide individual and group support for learners who are often exposed to extreme violence and neglect. Activating support from peers and families is central to restoring confidence and self esteem in adolescents.

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