Kate Solomons was born in 1994 and has lived her life in almost all parts of the country. She spent her early childhood in Gauteng, grew up in KwaZulu-Natal, studied in the Eastern Cape, is now residing in the Western Cape, and goes home to visit her family in Limpopo whenever she can.

She is a multilayered assortment of fervor, determination, and a rather hefty amount of nerdiness. She obtained her undergraduate degree (cum laude), as well as her Honours degree in Psychology (cum laude) at Rhodes University. She is now pursuing a Master’s of Social Sciences in Psychology at the University of Cape Town with funding provided by the prestigious Mandela Rhodes scholarship. Kate plans to obtain a PhD and become a Professor of Clinical Psychology.

Her psychological interests include traumatic stress, transcultural psychiatry, child psychology, and psychopathology, with a focus on psychodynamic theory and critical frameworks (i.e., decolonisation). Further, she is a philomath and loves to plunge into other disciplines such as history (her other undergraduate major), medicine, anthropology, and political science. She feels that is why psychology is a marvelous subject – it can synthesize other fields of interest in a meaningful way.


    • Awarded Cognition & Co’s “Psychology Student of The Year” (2020)
    • Awarded PSYSSA’s “Mentor of The Year” (2020)
    • Identified as a Mail & Guardian “Top 200 Young South African” (2020)
    • Reoccurring Expert Guest on CapeTalk Radio (2019 – Current)
    • Awarded the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship (2019)
    • Awarded the Rhodes University Postgraduate Merit Scholarship (2017)
    • Identified as one of Africa’s “Brightest Young Minds” (2017)
    • Chosen as an International Scholar Laureate for Medicine and Science (2015)
    • Invited into the Golden Key International Honours Society (2014)

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    Trauma Clinic Counselling, Cape Town, South Africa